Level Mate Pro

LevelMatePRO is a wireless vehicle levelling system that accurately reports how much height is required to reach a level position and tells you where that height is needed. Designed and manufactured in the USA.

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LevelMatePRO Wireless Bluetooth RV Leveling System.

Site Selection from the Driver’s Seat. You can monitor leveling data as you pull into a site, allowing you to pick the most level spot before you park.


It utilizes Bluetooth® 4.0 to connect with your smartphone or tablet, where an easy-to-use app displays the needed leveling information.

For all vehicles

LevelMatePRO was designed for use with both drivable and towable vehicles.
For towable vehicles, LevelMatePRO allows you to save and recall your hitch position for quick and easy reconnects to your tow vehicle.

Easy and Simple to Use

Easy to install and simple to use. Simplify your vehicle setup, reduce setup time, and increase safety with LevelMatePRO system.

Wide Usage

LevelMatePRO is recommended for use with RV’s, camping trailers of all kinds, food trucks, mobile medical vehicles, concession vehicles, mobile emergency command post vehicles, race car trailers, horse trailers, and more.

The innovative technology behind the LevelMatePRO

  • 2nd Generation with ON/OFF switch now shipping
  • Drastically reduces setup time
  • Easy to install and simple to use
  • Works with RVs, trailers, and 5th wheels
  • Accurate to 0.1 degrees
  • Enables dynamic site evaluation before you park
  • Saves and recalls your hitch position for quick reconnects
  • Works with most Apple® or Android® smartphones and tablets
When the LevelMatePRO product was conceived, we made the decision to design and engineer the best vehicle leveling system possible within the constraints of technology. We designed the system to be easy-to-use and engineered it to be reliable and accurate. We are often asked what sets our product apart from other leveling systems on the market, so we created this page to answer those questions and to shed some light on the engineering contained within the product.

Explaining the engineering technology of the product requires some basic understanding of the digital accelerometer. Digital accelerometers are used in a lot of products to measure angles and detect movement. You will find accelerometers in digital levels (the kind you get from the hardware store), video game controllers, smartphones and tablets, automobiles, and aircraft and vehicle leveling systems, just to name a few.

Most accelerometers are well suited for their most basic purpose, which is to measure movement or acceleration. Accelerometers are also capable of measuring angles, but there is a fairly significant shortcoming with using them for this purpose — they lack accuracy when subjected to variations in temperature. This issue can be overcome by the use of a temperature correction in the firmware of the product, but due to the heat created in the process of soldering components to circuit boards and variations in components, the correction must be done on each individual circuit board.

For most mass produced products that use an accelerometer to measure angles, such as digital levels and all other vehicle leveling systems, there is just not time in the manufacturing process or willingness to add additional cost required for temperature correction on each individual unit. Since we were committed to making the most accurate possible product, we incorporated a digital temperature sensor, firmware based temperature correction, and the necessary measurement and data collection process required for this type of correction.

Each LevelMatePRO circuit board is subjected to a range of typical operating temperatures. During this process, the onboard firmware records angle deviations throughout the temperature range and stores them on each individual circuit board. This temperature correction data is then used to correct the angles measured by the system before they are used to calculate heights displayed in the LevelMatePRO app. When angles are measured by the system that are outside of the calibrated temperature range, the data is extrapolated to make the angle corrections. This temperature correction process is the only way possible to achieve 0.1° of accuracy when measuring angles with an accelerometer. Even though accelerometer components are rated at this 0.1° accuracy from the microchip manufacturer, by the time it is soldered to the circuit board, the absolute best possible accuracy is 0.3°-0.4°.

To give you some idea of what this means in terms of actual use for an RV, during side-to-side leveling, 0.4° is .67″ in height, which is a noticeable amount when using the RV. In contrast, 0.1° of error during side-to-side leveling would be only .17″ in height, which wouldn’t be noticeable or affect the performance of the RV systems, not to mention that most RV’ers don’t even have blocks or boards that are that thin. I believe in the case of RV owners, most would agree that being .67″ off level from side-to-side would be unacceptable. If you want the most accurate vehicle leveling system available, then the only choice is the LevelMatePRO.

Another factor that allows the LevelMatePRO to achieve greater accuracy than other systems is the use of angles to calculate the amount of height required to reach a level position. To make these height calculations requires both an angle and the length or width of the vehicle. LevelMatePRO allows the user to enter the exact width and length of their vehicle which, along with an accurate angle measurement, allows accurate reporting of each height requirement. Any system that does not allow you to specify the length and width of your vehicle will have to use a pre-programmed width and length to calculate the leveling adjustments. And while most RV’s are 96″ wide, their length varies significantly.

In a system that can’t accurately report height requirements, especially in the front-to-back direction, the saving and recalling of the hitch position simply won’t be accurate enough to work properly. The point of a vehicle leveling system is to help achieve a level position with the vehicle, and the LevelMatePRO is the only product that gathers the required vehicle dimension to enable accurate height calculations.

The LevelMatePRO in action