12/24VDC DIN Plug


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Hella Cigarette Lighter Plug Adaptor 12V 15A Cable entry 16mm

  • 12-volt lighter style plug.

  • No soldering is required.
  • Rated for 15 amps at 12 volts.
  • Ideal for powering mobile phones, GPS units, radar detectors, satellite radios, air compressors, and other appliances that have an automotive cigarette plug.
  • Designed to convert a 12V outlet into an automotive cigarette-style socket.

Note: DIN plugs and sockets can cause some confusion. DIN is simply the German standard sizing that this type of sockets and plugs conform to. They are variously known as DIN, Hella, BMW, Triumph and Powerlet sockets and plugs- but they are all the same size. For charging, phones, sat nav’s, etc which come with cigarette type plugs.