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Satellite Alignment Signal Meter for Sat Dish TV LNB Direct Digital TV Signal Amplifier Satfinder
1.Input Frequency: 950 MHz – 2150 MHz
2.Sensitivity: 7dB
3.Internal 22 Khz indicator 
4.Compatible with DirecTV, Dish Network, and Free-to-Air satellite Systems
5.Audio tone plus analog signal strength meter display
6.Illuminated meter display for use at night
7.Light weight and pocket-size
8.Allows you to set up or maximize your satellite signal reception at the dish by yourself without having a friend assist or having to make multiple trips to your roof
9.Ease of use. A handy tool to align any satellite dish in minutes
10.No external power or batteries required. Power supplied from your satellite receiver and an extremely sensitive meter that indicates very small changes in signal strength
Package Included:
1 x Satellite TV Signal Finder
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