Emergency Panic Alarm



The Emergency Panic Alarm is an easy to use device to aid you when you need urgent assistance and are not able to leave the confines of your RV.

This Emergency Panic Alarm has been developed primarily as an aid for those of us who utilise a camper that does not have a horn and flashing hazard lights.

I had the idea after a discussion on how those of us in the above situation, can alert someone in the event of an emergency when parked at a gathering.

You may not be able to leave your van, due to the emergency, to go out to your car to raise the alarm.

If you have an emergency, you toot your horn three times and put your hazard lights on. This is all very well and good if you are in a camper or bus etc.

This Emergency Panic Alarm allows the rest of us to be able to do the same from inside our own van.


The kit:

The kit is supplied in short form, i.e. it contains all the necessary parts, except for tools and wire.

You will need a basic knowledge of your vehicle’s 12Vdc electrical system, or you could ask an auto electrician to install it for you.

The kit includes the following items:

  • Detailed instruction Sheet
  • 1 x Pre-assembled panic alarm box
  • 1 x 5-way in line wire connector
  • 2 x Inline blade fuse holders and 10A fuse links
  • 1 x 12Vdc relay
  • 1 x 12Vdc Horn
  • 1 x 12Vdc Strobe light

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